Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Homes Sweet Homes

We arrived back in Seattle on the 4th of May after 9 months on the road. The motorhome is neatly tucked (squeezed) into place alongside the garage. It's a tight fit, but with the full hookup that we had installed, it's like being in a campground. The big difference is the view from one side is of the garage wall. It's about 6 inches away.
The house is coming along, and it looks like it will be at least the 3rd week in June before move in. The cabinets have all been installed, but it will be 2 weeks until we get measured for countertops, then another 2 weeks until installation on the 14th of June. Then we can finish the plumbing installation, and get the final inspections. Everything is looking good, and we have lots of pictures to share, but can't figure out how to download them to the new computer!!! As soon as we do, we will get some added.
Today we will be starting to unload the rented storage space where we have kept our pictures, paperwork, and all of the things that we wanted to be sure were safe while we were gone. We also have appliances being delivered this afternoon. I hope to get the plumber in soon to hook up the gas range, the gas dryer, and finish the downstairs bathroom (except for the sinks) so we have a almost fully functioning bathroom. Kristin is coming up on the 4th of June to help with the house, so it will help to have another working bathroom.
Pictures will be added soon, as will additional blogging about the other things going on in our lives.
Please Stand By, Ernie

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